I Don’t Know My Gender


Recently a mate of mine confided that his daughter, who just started Uni,  has come out as genderqueer. I didn’t know what to say, mainly because I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. But as people don’t typically confide in me because I’m immature and easily distracted I decided to have a dig and find out what the hell he was going on about by utilising the slightly slower download speeds of copper to the node I’ve been forced to settle for because bloody Abbott couldn’t get his head around technology.

Anyway, after watching a few car crash videos, I had a quick Google and it turned out I wasn’t totally oblivious of gender dysphoria, as the search results called it, as I’d heard something about Caitlyn Jenner at some point a while back. My research revealed that some people want to live the gender they feel they are or aren’t because it makes them happy, which sounded fair enough and I’m all on board but now it’s left me with one small question;

How do you actually FEEL your gender?

It’s something I’ve never thought about before as I just simply took it for granted that I was male, there has never been any “feeling” associated with it . When I analyse it my perception of my gender was derived from conforming with society telling me I was male which I presume was pretty much based on the fact that I have a penis* and maybe partly due to the premise that I’d make a butt ugly girl as one good mate once generously pointed out. So how do you identify your gender beyond the biology of it all? Do some people wake up in the mornings thinking, I’m feeling especially male today? ‘Cause I don’t and now it’s got me wondering.

ClipboardI’ve grown up doing traditionally male things. Played footy, hunting, boxing, joined the Army, worked in a steel mill, rode motor bikes and laughed at flatulence but as it turns out that these things aren’t exclusively male, especially today. In contrast, apparently I played with dolls as a toddler, I like cooking, I get on better with women than men, I cried during Million Dollar Baby , I have a bit of a man-crush on Mike Rowe and for some reason lesbians tend to like me, I mean they really like me. But in spite of all this I’ve never felt female either.

So does any of this mean anything? Am I missing something? Am I not missing something? Are other people getting an inner sense of gender that I’m not or is gender beyond biology solely a social construct? And if it is a social construct then how then can some people feel gender? I’ve put these questions to friends and colleagues but none could provide an answer of substance and most of them just looked at me funny. I’ve also tried the social networks but they too were unhelpful plus a bit suspicious and defensive. So here I am putting it out there to the blogosphere.

*Edit submit- [insert quotation marks] -Mrs Yakovich

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know My Gender

  1. I have also had a little look for my femenin twin hiding on the inside,and all I found out was that gstrings are more a visual thing than practical and having long hair means you unclog the shower drain hole more than most….and mascara can give you eye infection,,but that a story for another day

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  2. mate, apparently the left has 58 genders, i believe the word “dickhead lefty” should precede every one of these gender terms, it’s ridiculous, these arseholes are trying to change our country and our way of life by confusing kids at school with all this politically correct generated crap about trans genders gays and lesbians and idiots who portray themselves to be gay dogs etc, it’s true, some people dress up as dogs or something else just as ridiculous because they feel that’s what they are, see where the term “dickhead lefty” comes into play, but also trying to change our political leanings by calling anyone who is not left leaning a nazi, and while stifling christianity they are forcing school kids to learn about islam which is the most evil murderous religion on the planet but as always is falsely advertised as the religion of peace.

    meanwhile, normal thinking folk are expected to wear all this bullshit according to the communist pricks from the left politicians and the left public, and if we don’t, if we publicly show patriotism in rallies to our country or don’t recognise the same insane rantings as them such as only white people are racist or this white privilege crap, then we are attacked by dickhead arseholes like antifa who are suppose to be anti fascist but are in fact fascists themselves, check out their flag and then compare it to the flag used by nazi germany, who the hell are they trying to kid..

    so you see, this 58 genders crap is all just a small part of a larger plan to bring down our countries our traditions our customs and our pride in ourselves and to make us become sick pathetic self loathing morons who are easy to control..

    shit, some arseholes in universities are even trying to normalise paedophilia, claiming it to be a gender, that’s how dangerous these bastards are, the left seemingly wants a war with everyone left of centre, the bastards will regret it when they finally get one.

    and just a side note on the nbn, you can still get fibre to your home, you just have to pay to have fibre bought to you from the node, its your choice, i’m getting 12 megabytes a second, i can download 10 movies in 90 minutes, that’s all i want, i don’t see the sense in 100 megabytes a second, i mean the best you can get on copper is 24 megs a second, people want to watch 4k movies, which needs at least 28 meg a second to stream, but how good is their eyesight ? 4k tv is only as good as your eyes, and from 10 foot 4k doesn’t look any different to hdtv..

    i see no good reason to want more than 24 meg a second unless you’re a business that needs that amount of traffic speed, abbot did the right thing mate, he didn’t stuff up the nbn, he just gave more choices for it, this is public knowledge but people ignore that and whinge about a service that can be upgraded to fibre in the home if they wish to do so, abbotts plan saved millions of tax dollars at a time when australia was transported into deep financial debt by a useless piece of shit labor party who’s nbn plan was underestimated by millions of dollars, and we are still in that same debt today because no one tried to fix the mess up accept for abbott who was stopped from every direction by lefty fuckwits in every party, the country is stuffed in so many different ways, and it is deliberate sabotage, and it’s not just australia, look at england and europe, luckily at the moment the u.s. has a decent politician in charge to battle these communist lefty plots powered by bullshit political correctness and moronic lefty automatons who advocate 58 genders, self loathing, islam, the white privilege myth and demanding bogus asylum seekers to enter the country and changing the education of our youth so they too can grow up to be limp wristed self loathing dickheads..


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