In April 2015 Evil Billionaire Bill Gates gave an eight minute Ted Talk on an impending pandemic and how the world wasn’t ready to deal with it. Some found the content almost as disturbing as his whiny squeaky public speaking voice but thought no more of it. Then in October 2019, the Gates Foundation backed and participated in the pandemic simulation Event 201 which had a similar format to the old TV show ‘Hypothetical’ with a Matt Damon type movie title but it was barely noticed. Then, just a couple of weeks later, Gates featured in an episode of the 2019 Netflix science series Explained where he again warned of an impending pandemic which ironically would soon leave him with a lot of explaining to do.

Gates Fan club

As suspiciously just a few weeks after that, in December 2019 some random Chinese dude said he felt a bit crook after hitting the piss on Mexican night at the bar of a popular hotel chain in Wuhan. Although he was initially diagnosed with the Novatel Corona-Virus it was hastily rebranded after it was leaked that the Gates Foundation had somehow already developed  a coronavirus vaccine. The authorities quickly backtracked and said the bloke had in fact been infected by a new virus called Covid-19 from “eating a bat” at a “wet market”. While some hoped these were Chinese euphemisms then after thinking about it hoped they weren’t, the authorities went on to insist that there was no way this bloke was infected in his hotel which just happens to be next door to the Wuhan Dangerous Viral Experiments Lab and Child Care Centre.

A cashless society is part of the New World Order

Then as the virus spread quicker than a botoxed blonde on Love Island the gaze narrowed on Gates and his nefarious activities. Under the guise of spending billions on saving the lives of millions by improving sanitation in impoverished countries and vaccinating children around the world it was realised that he is actually planning genocide or injecting microchip tracking devices or both as part of The New World Order.

It says it all

Gates’ cunning plan of world domination was cleverly exposed by those who spotted that the course of the pandemic closely followed that set out by the billionaire’s warnings. Besides those with even a basic understanding of virology or had looked at historical pandemics, only someone who had planned the pandemic would have such a detailed knowledge on how it would run its course. But still some were unconvinced, reasoning that only an idiot would publicise their secret plans on world domination before implementing them. It would be akin to Hitler writing a book on how much he hated Jews before embarking on the holoc… um never mind…

How to block those pesky false facts notifications.

Anyway, any remaining sceptics were silenced by an Instagram post by the highly respected, semi-orphaned, environmental lawyer and anti-vaxx advocate Robert F Kennedy Jr who reportedly revealed that Gates had paralysed nearly half a million children in India in a polio vaccine trial. This claim has been backed up by the fact that there is no record of this ever happening and only Gates would have the money and the power to silence such a horrific event.

They do have a point, if there was no disease there’d be no vaccines!

More evidence existed in how fast the virus was spreading. Experts were stunned at the rapid infection rates but neglected to take into account Gates’ background in technology. The answer was hidden in plain sight, “GATES”! His FIVE letter surname starting with ‘G’… 5G. Anyone who knows anything about mobile phone towers will tell you that 5G towers radiate group two carcinogens. Those exposed experience Covid-19 type symptoms which is then diagnosed as the virus by doctors who have been instructed or financially induced to do so by governments exploiting the “plandemic” to take away human rights and control the population. In the meantime Bill Gates is preparing to introduce mandatory vaccinations laced with poisonous metals, bits of aborted foetus, nanobots and microchip tracking devices. All the while the entire worldwide pandemic was contrived by the Democrats as a way to destroy the American economy to ensure Trump won’t be re-elected. And that’s only part of it…

5G Covid Tech is a specialised field.

Now I know it all sounds a little far-fetched as some of these theories don’t quite mesh but somehow the people who believe this do. They all have an united almost fanatical distrust of governments, the media and pretty much any sort of official organisation. Yet they readily embrace any source without question that validates their suspicions. I know this as I recently joined what I thought was a “sovereign citizens” Facebook group to see what made them tick only to find it to be more for the anti 5G crowd and seemed to mostly attracted the anti-vaccination crew with a bit of “The New World Order” conspiracy lot thrown in. They all present their opinions and “evidence” with virtually no inter-group conflict or question except from infiltrating trollers like me.

And I thought it was just dandruff

So who are these people? It may be easy to write them off as a handful of tinfoil hat wearing fringe dwelling loonies but they appear more diverse than that as surprisingly for a group worried about corporate and government intrusions into privacy they’re very liberal with their Facebook privacy settings. Plus they’re growing in numbers, rapidly.  The group I was in jumped from six thousand to ten thousand members in under two weeks and a quick scan of other groups revealed similar spurts in membership.

Ergo robots can never pose a threat

At first glance from the spelling, grammar and construct of group posts and comments you may get the impression that they’re poorly educated but a comparison of profiles reveal double the published tertiary qualifications of most science Facebook groups. Granted a number had graduated from the “University of Hard Knocks” but to be fair they had to be included.

Youtube videos are so informative

Next was gender as it became immediately apparent that these groups are majority female, two thirds in fact in comparison to two third male in the science groups and a lot of these were Karens. Not just the generic divorced/single mother “I want to see the manager” Facebook expert type Karens but actual Karens. So I decided to examine it closer using Karens from the “Facebook Complaints” page as a baseline.

GROUP                     FOLLOWING            KARENS       PERCENTAGE OF KARENS

FB Complaints            10,225                        38                                0.4%

Science Forum               4,787                        18                                0.4%

Critical Thinking             9,469                          2                                0.02%

Virology & Immun’        53,555                       10                                0.02%

Peoples Collective      10,092                       60                                0.6%

As approximately 0.4% of the population are named Karen this throws up some interesting data. For a start looking at the Facebook complaints page Karens don’t complain any more that anyone else and apparently also like their science as much any other Tom, Dick or Harry. Unfortunately the data also displays a 50% over representation in fringe groups.

At this point you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this. To tell the truth I have no idea as after a couple of weeks on these pages it’s done my head in. When you question what they post you either get ignored or abused. When you request a source the surprisingly common response is that they can’t locate it at the moment but will get back to you but rarely do. I did manage to maintain one substantial back and forth which even though threw up a heap of dodgy data they did manage to show me that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows in the world of vaccines and I personally will be looking a little closer at the 5G stuff as it’s a bit wishy washy in places. Oh and fuck Bill Gates! For some reason???

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