Climate Change Sucks Balls

Here’s a radical idea… Fuck climate change! I’m sick of both sides of the argument to the point of wondering if humanity is actually worth saving. From the start I’ve been in awe of the stupidity of the climate sceptics, especially those who think climate change is some sort of bizarre conspiracy contrived by the scientific community while yet somehow totally oblivious to the probability that the waters are being muddied by the fossil fuel industries trying to protect their profits. Now the climate sceptic’s ranks are being strengthened by those lemmings who interpret the science as an ideology which the brain-dead climate activists have enthusiastically embraced without the slightest consideration of the stupidity of changing a theoretically winnable scientific debate to an no-win ideological argument. This short sightedness, I’m sorry to say, has sealed our fate.

Not that we had much of a chance of reining in greenhouse emissions anyway as even though most people want action on climate change it’s very apparent that few are willing to even be inconvenienced by it let alone actually pay for it. There was a notable change in attitude here in Australia when electricity prices went up after a carbon tax was briefly introduced in 2011 and we all went a tad quiet about climate change for a bit. Another government initiative introduced subsidised home insulation but people were more interested in jeering the inept administration of the scheme rather than supporting the potential achievements. Even more locally in my hometown of Canberra, one of the most progressive cities in Australia, there were screams of blue murder at the cost of introducing light rail. We’re big on virtue signalling here in the nation’s capital but short on actual action. Many Canberrans are quite comfortable with closing down coal mines without a second thought of livelihoods of those directly affected but won’t even remotely consider the imposition of leaving the car at home and catching a bus to work as it adds a whole extra hour to their travel time.

The naivety and blind hypocrisy of today’s climate “activist” is gobsmacking as they somehow believe that climate change is everyone else’s fault. They blame inactivity in government, corporate greed and even capitalism for climate change but then nonchalantly continue to live on the grid, put fuel in their vehicles, consume mainstream goods and vote for major political parties, directly supporting those they’re protesting against. They’re somehow oblivious to the fact that democratic governments, corporations and capitalism can only exist by giving people what they want. That’s how the system works.

Unfortunately the average climate protester lives in la-la land. They seem to think that by whacking up a few wind turbines and solar farms the world will be saved and life can go on as normal. Err… not quite kids… Net zero climate emissions means no meat or dairy, severely restricted travel, no concrete production, a huge reduction in goods and services, higher taxes, reduced welfare, health and education to fund the transition which all adds up to a pretty substantial drop in the standard of living. 

But even if we did achieve this in Australia it won’t do jack shit to climate change while China, the US, India, Russia and the EU keep pumping out the majority of the CO2. What’s the plan for stopping them? There isn’t one as most nations have no intention of seriously addressing the problem because no one is prepared to make the sacrifices. Even nations sprouting zero net emissions by 2050 are full of shit as by then fossil fuel reserves will be depleted to the point of being financially non-viable and the planet will be forced to move to alternate energy sources anyway.

You may think I’m being all pessimistic and negative but I’m just going by what I see. Look at the difference in CO2 emissions on the graph (below) from the 1980’s when climate change first came to the attention of governments then in the 2000’s when Al Gore bought it to the attention of the mainstream. See the difference? Yeah me neither.

Now check out the next graph of the world’s population, looks a bit similar to the CO2 emissions graph don’t it… The way I see it even if we fixed climate change tomorrow we’re still headed for hell in a hand basket! By 2050 we have to somehow almost double our food production to feed the ever growing masses and even if we achieve this there’ll still be destruction of ecosystems, mass displacement, famine, epidemics, deforestation and all that shit.

So what do we do? Buggered if I know, besides I’ll probably be dead by the time the planet becomes a shit-fight. I don’t have any perfect solution but I reckon it makes way more sense to prepare for climate change instead of wasting time and money in a futile effort in trying to stop it. Of course we should still stay on track with renewable energy and the like as we’ll eventually need that anyway but in Australia especially, our priority should be at least shoring up our water storage and supply. We can either approach this problem like emotional sixteen year old girls and continue to protesting and blaming the world or we could sit around like the sceptics with our fingers in our ears babbling “Climate change isn’t real. Climate change isn’t real.” Or we could actually act like rational adults by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best! … Ha… Good luck with that…

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