Bacon & Eggs on Toast???

This morning I popped into the my usual café for a catch up and breakfast with a mate and noticed some drastic staff changes. It may be under new management or something as when I asked for my usual, “Large flat white and bacon and eggs on toast, fried.”, the lass behind the counter looked a little confused and replied, “A bacon and egg roll?”

“Huh?… No… Bacon and eggs on toast.”

She stared back as though I’d just asked for a poached hippopotamus sphincter or something? I repeated, (with hand gestures), “Bacon… and eggs… on toast…” which apparently did nothing to alleviate her confusion and now I too was confused. I actually ran a quick self analysis to see if I’d had an undetected stroke and was speaking gibberish or something but no… It’s bacon and eggs on toast! I was sure of it, so I again asked for “bacon and eggs on toast,” adding, “I don’t know how else to explain it.”

She remained confused but appeared to accept this weird breakfast order and rang it up at, more or less, the appropriate cost. But to further continue the weirdness, when she delivered the plate to my table she asked hesitantly, “Is this what you wanted?” I looked at the plate containing “bacon and eggs on toast” and said, “yes, thank you?” She appeared visibly relieved and skipped off quite happy with herself while I just sat there thinking, “WTF?!”.

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